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መ/ጸ/ቅ/ስላሴ ካቴድራል አዲስ ድረገጽ አሰራ

የመንበረ ጸባኦት ቅድስት ስላሴ ካቴድራል በዘመናዊ መልኩ የተዋቀረ አዲስ ድረገጽ በማሰራት በስራ ላይ አዋለ። ድረገጹ ኢ.ኤ.ኤስ. ሶፍትዌር ቴክኖሎጂስ በተባለ ድርጅት የተሰራ ሲሆን የዲዛይን ጥራቱን ጠብቆ የመረጃ ጥንቅሩንም ለተጠቃሚዎች በቀላሉ ለመጠቀም እንዲያስችል ተደርጎ ተሰርቷል::

The Church

Welcome The Holy Trinity Cathedral was established on December 22, 1931, under the auspices of His Imperial Majesty Haileselassie I. But during the war of resistance against fascism, the construction was disrupted for five years (1935 – 1940). Through the help of the Almighty, the construction had continued after liberation and was completed in1943. Read […]