The Korean Ambassador’s visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral

በመ/ር ዘሩ ብርሃኔ


The Ethio-south Korean relationship has a long history. It goes back to the 1950s. The Republic of Korea, after officially separated, from North Korea by the UN Resolution but the North Korean with the support of USSR, however needed to unify the two Koreans by force. This led to Korea war of 1950-1953. In the war, the communist Korea was assisted by USSR and China. The UN forces in which the Ethiopian Army was a major component supported the South. As the matter of interest, the Ethiopian contingent under the UN named as “Qagnew” regiment fought bravely on the side of The Republic of Korea and some of the solders sacrifice their life. Those patriots who had lost their life have rested here in The Holy Trinity Cathedral.

On June 3, 2012 the Republic of Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Jong Geun Kim visited The Holy Trinity Cathedral where the patriots of the Korean war have rested. On his visit, the Ambassador was welcomed by his Excellency Leake Seltanat Abba Gebrselase Belay head of the Holy Trinity Cathedral and all staff members of the cathedral .Mr. Jong Geun Kim also donated 5,000 birr to the cathedral and promised to work with the cathedral in the future.