Income generations

  • One standard hall for meetings and matrimonial services on payment.
  • Small scale industry for the making of Embroidery and church Ceremonial robes.
  • Mortuary
  • Rental rooms for Various offices uses
  • Tourism

In the Cathedral, there are gorgeous spiritual glass stained pictures mirroring the history of the old and the new Testaments.  The pictures of the old Testament covers from Adam and Eve to Kind Solomon and Queen Sheba.  On the contrary, the New Testament covers from the Nativity to the Pentecost on the other, there are historical pictures showing Emperor Hailessilasie hoisting the Ethiopian flag after victory and addressing the league of Nations in Geneva.

There are branches of which the following are the main ones:

  1. A modern school established in 1955 still offering services ranging from K.G. to preparatory college;
  2. Embroidery, priestly vestments.
  3. Modern buildings for rent and clinical service were constructed under the development committee of the cathedral, and there is also a hall for different services and cavities for burial. All these are the means of income generations of the Cathedral and
  4. A modern museum was constructed and offered by a benefactor, Bekue Memenan, Kebede Tekalign, in which many historical and spiritual antiquities are on display meanwhile with the mentioned activities the Cathedral is building success up on success.