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There are branches of which the following are the main ones: A modern school established in 1955 still offering services ranging from K.G. to preparatory college Embroidery, priestly vestments. There is Small scale industry to making Embroidery such as priestly vestments and church Ceremonial robes. Modern buildings for rent and clinical service were constructed under […]

The School

The Holy Trinity Cathedral school was inaugurated in 1955 E.C. by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church under the auspices of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Sellassie I That was also a good opportunity for the church to continue afresh its contribution to the country’s educational history. It should be remembered that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church […]

The Museum

The former Museum was in the down stairs chambers of the cathedral which was not convenient for visitors. The eccliastical articles are now transferred to the newly built standard Museum denoted by Ato Kebede Tekalign a devoted follower of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Inaugurated by his holiness Abune paulos, patriarch of the Ethiopian orthodox, Archbishop […]


The Holy Trinity Cathedral charity was established during the time of Emperor Haileselassie. It is still in existence helping the needy. During the time of the former king, he was providing Fund worth enough to feed and cloth the poor. But after the dethronment of the Emperor, things have become different and the charity run […]

Spiritual Services

In the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, there are prayers twice a day in the morning and in the evening.  After the prayers are over all churches remain closed, but the Cathedral being a Church and a Museum, it is open all day long for visitors. The Holy Sacrifice of Liturgy-mass The liturgy SACRED LITURGY is the […]


Income generations One standard hall for meetings and matrimonial services on payment. Small scale industry for the making of Embroidery and church Ceremonial robes. Mortuary Rental rooms for Various offices uses Tourism In the Cathedral, there are gorgeous spiritual glass stained pictures mirroring the history of the old and the new Testaments.  The pictures of […]

Organizational Structure

Since the Cathedral has a worldwide popularity and significance, the Administration is fully staffed by highly qualified church men and other professionals. Especially, the Administrator of the Cathedral is selected and assigned by the patriarchate. The Administration consists of the followings Parish Administrator Secretary Accountants Lawyer Auditors Cash collectors Tourist guides Store keepers Curators Shops […]

Church History

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church is owner of several religious, traditional and historical heritages amongst which are buildings, rock hewn churches, monasteries, historical monuments, literature and ecclesiastical articles. These are also among the wonders of the world, and the Cathedral is part of these. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the foremost historical sites […]