The Museum

The former Museum was in the down stairs chambers of the cathedral which was not convenient for visitors. The eccliastical articles are now transferred to the newly built standard Museum denoted by Ato Kebede Tekalign a devoted follower of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Inaugurated by his holiness Abune paulos, patriarch of the Ethiopian orthodox, Archbishop of Axum, Echege of the see of Teklehaimanot, President of the council of churches and Honorary president of world reliogions for peace.  The Museum houses a lot of historical and eccliastical heritages which are priceless. The relics are the contributions of Emperors, Empresses, individual, sister churches and Church fathers.  The heritages have kept their origin for many years against the wears and tears of time.  The elements from which the relics made are from Gold, Silver Brace and so on.  There are also others which are Gold and Silver plated.  Apart from this there are many religious Books written on different tipics on parchments by different scribes and church scholars.  Most of the Books are written in Geez language and some of them are in Amharic.  Amongst the Books, one can see the amazing Books of Yared about church song compositions.  They were composed in the 5th century.  This church songs are so complex to sing sometimes they may take one a life time to sing them.  Furthermore, Ethiopia is the sole owner of its own Alphabet, Numerical figures and calendar. The Main Objective of the Museum To create conducive situation to exhibit the religious and historical heritages for both public and foreign visitors, Painstakingly keep these historical antiquities and pass it on to next generation. The tourist attractions are religious and historical relies are categorized as follows. Historical Thrones Crowns Battle Dresses and so on Religious Crosses Chalise Patern Embroidered Cermenial Robs and Umberlias Minorah Books Written on parchemenst List of Doners ArchBishops and Church Fathers Emperor Menilek II Empress Taytu Emperor Haileselassie Empress Menen Royal princes Former Officials Oriental churches These historical and religious heritages require the attention of the Government and people to protect them from looting.

Entrance Fee

  • Foreigners Birr 50.00
  • Ethiopians Birr 5.00
  • Students Birr 3.00
  • Video Birr 50.0