The School

The Holy Trinity Cathedral school was inaugurated in 1955 E.C. by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church under the auspices of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Sellassie I That was also a good opportunity for the church to continue afresh its contribution to the country’s educational history. It should be remembered that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has served as an education ministry for many years, providing basic education in those old days. The school established was the first of its kind. it was started as an evening school enrolling merely 8 students who were deacons and monks.

After a year-1956-the school stretched its grades 1-4 and started teaching in a regular program. At that very year the number of students learning reached 39. In its early foundation years, the Holy Trinity Cathedral School was as well known as The Ethiopian Orthodox Mission School.The Shutdown of the previous “Holy Trinity primary and secondary spiritual school” led to the foundation of the latter “The Holy Trinity Modern School”. The foundation was brought in to existence after a suspended study and focused purpose.

The Primary purpose of the school was to address the priests, monks, nuns and deacons, who were in charge of religious services, with a modern and contemporary education. Meanwhile, there were challenges to convince these church service so as they attend schooling; but with the unreserved supervision and awareness raising of the cathedral’s higher administrators and Godly fathers, it was possible to enroll these church community in a regular modern education.
The rough statistics (with lack of accurate documentation) of the number of students enrolling and teachers on duty from 1955 through 1965-a decade- shows as follows.

No Year Number of students Number of teachers
11955Only 8 evening studentsunknown
2195639 studentsUnknown
31957300 studentsUnknown
41964425 students15
51965780 students20
4820032354 students34

The Holy Trinity Cathedral school, which was primarily targeted to enrich the church community, encompassed the vast community and began enrolling students who were ‘off fence’ of the church.
Considering one of the church’s purposes-serving the community-into account, the school enrolled children of the poor community around.  Thus shoeshine boys and newspaper and magazine venders could entertain schooling for free.
Beside the regular modern education the school used to give the following lessons which soon led the school to be popular.

  • History of church
  • History of the Holy Bible
  • History of Religion
  • Translation (Teriguame)
  • “Kine” and “Zema”

These co-curricular church based lessons resulted in bringing up students who were quite disciplined and courteous and hence the school took no langer time to arouse the interest and pleasure of the vast society.In 1962, following the over whelming number of students and the enhancement of the school’s standard and to utmost with a popular demand,  The Holy Trinity Cathedral school started to make students pay a relatively lower tuition fee-five (5) birr.The school’s fame was once hit a high and the number of parents in need of sending their kids to the school was enormously booming to the extent which the school could not usher the overflowing number of students.  In connection to this, the school set a committee which recruit candidates who could enroll in the school under a vivid criteria.

The site of the school at the very begging-1955 was at the back of the current Cathedral’s Administration office.  With the increase of the number of students, the school shifted its location where relatively could encompass its students to the present elementary campus located at the back, of the Holy Trinity Cathedral adjacent to the House of peoples Representatives of Ethiopia.  Walking in a successful track, the school could elongates its Grades to Grade 12 and for the first time enrolled candidates for Ethiopian School Learning Certificate Examination (ESLCE) in 1968 E.C.  Having reached this utmost pick of success, the school could hardly leave from different dominations of the time.  There by, it was forced to keep itself only as an elementary and junior school-Grade 1-8.

The New building of the School

The Holy Trinity Cathedral has been coming through successes and utmost achievements of its goals since its inauguration 1955.  Following this the school’s (its) fame and popularity could be heard over the vast community. In the mean time most parents keep on sending their kids to the school with the result of the flourishing number of students the previous old classrooms and blocks couldn’t usher the flowing number of students.  As a result of this the school build a modern ground plus two building with well equipped library, internet centre, laboratory and play ground. The school started enrolling students in the new building with efficient management and teaching staff.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral school has been up grading itself in terms of quality and standard since its inauguration now.  The number of students enrolling is scaling up year after year.  The well organization of the school and the standard of teachers (Masters and BSC and BA holders) are the main values of the school to bring up competent students.

Currently the school, with its primary preparatory and secondary branches enrolls 2300 students. Meanwhile, the school is well-known for its students who pass elementary school leaving, Grade 10 and 12 exams with an extraordinary points.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral school is being granted various recognitions and accreditations from woreda and sub-city educational beruea for its outstanding achievements year often year.